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Reggaeton culture, history & techniques courses by Drako & Gabo

Everybody loves Reggaeton but what is that popular & energetic Latin-American style about? 


Where did it come from, how did it establish, improve into a worldwidely popular music genre & dance style? All of that + much more you can find out in our new training program - Reggaeton culture, history & techniques courses by Drako & Gabo!

These professional dancers from Panama & Venezuela will tell you all about the reggaeton,  What cannot be told in normal weekly classes and workshops which are based only on choreography learning.


Courses are suitable also more advanced dancers and even teachers despite the level is beginner/intermediate - because all the knowlege can be used in your work as a dance teacher!

Course includes 4 x 60 min classes

👉🏽 advanced beginner/intermediate level course
☑️ 24.3 - 14.4 SUNDAYS 17.00-18.00

👉🏽 total beginner/beginner level course
☑️ 3.4 - 24.4 WEDNESDAYS 19.30-20.30

One course 69 € / both 115 €

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