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Dancest registration and booking system policies 



Registration to the kids groups can be made only for whole season. 


You can registrate by email info@dancest.comPlease send billing info and student info (email, phone number, full name and home address). Contract must be made within one week after season has started at the studio reception. 



Monthly subscription can be cancelled with the notice period of 2 months. It is possible to cancel the contract with the doctor certificate without the notice period if there occurs an injury that does not allow the student to train and it will be verified with the doctor certificate.

Refund is possible only with the doctor certificate, that needs to be sent by email. Payments will be not refunded due to the travelling or other reasons than health issues verified by the doctor certificate.


Bills will be sent for monthly subscribers. 

Reminder fees for billing are: 5 euros for the first reminder and 15 euros for second reminder (+ interest %). Unpaid bills will be sent debt collector if bill remains unpaid for 14 days after second reminder. 



Participation in the class is students own responsibility and we suggest our students to have their own insurance (“vapaa-ajan tapaturmavakuutus”).

Classes can be filmed and materials used in social media channels of the studio, teachers and other students. If you prefer your child not to be on the video please note that in contract.

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