Monthly subscription / kuukausipaketit

once a week 45 

two times a week 65 

three times a week 75 

four times a week 8

Unlimited / rajaton 9

*monthly subscription is binding for whole season

(spring, fall or summer season)

Drop in cards / kertäkäyntikortit

Drop in/kertäkäynti 15 

5 times card - valid for 4 weeks 60 

10 times card - valid for 8 weeks 9

FAMILY MEMBERS on same bill will get 10% discount.

Perhepaketti-alennus on 10% kuukausipaketin koko summasta samalla laskulla. 


How to apply fo monthly subscription?

- Registrate by email ( with information of student

(name, age, home address, phone number) and billing info if it differs from student information

- Sign the contract at studio. Contract is valid for whole season and can be cancelled prematurely by presenting a medical certificate. 



Saaja: Marta Jorits

IBAN: FI41 8058 0710 3670 81

The reference number of the bill is required when making the transaction.

If the payment is not based on bill, please mark name of the student, class and date.