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Are you an event producer wanting to spice up your next venue with a professional dance show, a party organizer willing to turn your private or business event into a memorable spectacle, or an artist looking for stylish and qualified dancers for the background of your performance or music video?   

Whether you are throwing a thematic party, arranging a recreation day in the form of dance and arts, or creating an advertisement or a video production with a show element, Divas is your first best call!


Don’t be afraid to ask an offer – we welcome new ideas, and all events can be tailored to your wishes, and designed in collaboration.

Let’s make your event happen with our talented dancers! 

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Our dancers have years of experience from the dance industry with various backgrounds and skills which guarantee a top-quality show and plenty of choreography and performance options to choose from.  

What is included in the concept?  

- choreography designed according to your preferences for 1-20 dancers. Size, length, style and nature of the show can be fully adjusted to your needs and designed in collaboration with you. 

- Various costume options including accessories for the show 

Through us you can also rent: 

- Speakers / music equipment  

- Event lights 

- Professional video production and photographing services to capture your event

Are you a passionate dancer willing to become part of Divas, upgrade your dance portfolio, and represent us in shows and events worldwide? 

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