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F L E X I B I L I T Y  C O U R S E

When it’s ”back to (dance)school” time, it’s necessary to get our well rested bodies back to track after sunny holidays!

With dance teacher @martajorits you can go through the flexibility challenge - 4 week course!

You can join from far and near, because our classes will be in hybrid format - at studio or same time connected with zoom & ready made videoclasses that you can take at home when is suitable time for you!

During 4 weeks we will be having in total of 12 stretching classes (60 min), where we focus on different parts of our bodies. Proper warmup will be included! The goal is improve our mobility from toe to head, to create ourselves a little better conditions to enjoy results in dance classes!

Find below the exact schedule:

1.8 at 19.00 studio/zoom

4.8 videoclass

6.8 at 19.00 studio/zoom

8.8 videoclass

11.8 videoclass

13.8 videoclass

15.8 at 19.00 studio/zoom

18.8 videoclass

20.8 at 19.00 studio/zoom

22.8 videoclass

25.8 videoclass

27.8 LAST - at 19.00 studio/zoom


*studio/zoom classes will be held from Dancest studio - or student can join to the live class via zoom

*videoclasses will be uploaded latest at 14.00 each day to the group and you are able to do the class anytime during the day (note that video will be deleted in 3 days - to push you take the class NOW and not live by ”mañaña”

Price of the course: 65 €

*spots are limited

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