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Dancest registration and booking system policies from 1.7.2022



Class must be booked via


*Payment is not possible in the booking system, see below about the payment options



We have two options: monthly subscription (which is only for contractual clients and binding for the season) or drop in possibility (one time, 5 time or 10 time card)

For monthly subscription it is possible to registrate only in the beginning of season and contract is binding for the whole season. Bill will be sent out each month and prepaids will be added on the student account when bill is paid on time. You can registrate by email info@dancest.comPlease send billing info and student info (email, phone number, full name and home address). Contract must be made within one week after season has started or from the date of the registration, at the studio reception. 

Joining the class with drop in ticket or card? Drop in tickets and cards can be bought anytime!

Note that payment goes via bank transfer or mobilepay BEFORE the class and it is not possible to pay via booking system in varaaheti.

Payment confirmation about drop in ticket or drop in card must be sent by email BEFORE the class starts. If you haven’t got the confirmation to your payment, you are still able to join the class and confirmation will come at our office hours during the next days.

BOOKINGS WITHOUT PAYMENT WILL BE BILLED AFTERWARDS WITH EXTRA BILLING FEE – WHICH IS 10 €. In this case student is obliged to pay drop in ticket + billing fee. There won’t be email reminders about the unpaid bookings.



Booked class MUST BE CANCELLED 6 hours before the class starts. Class must be cancelled by the student in the booking system and will not be cancelled by the administration of the school by email.

Late cancellations & uncancelled bookings (where student has booked the class but does not show up) will be billed with a ticket (15 €) and also the prepaid will be counted as used. Bill for the uncancelled booking will be sent by email.

Late cancellation is free of charge with the doctor certificate.





Drop in single ticket is valid for one week. 5 times card is valid for 4 weeks. 10 times card is valid for 8 weeks. Student can choose the date she wants the card to be activated from and request the activation by email when sending the confirmation of payment.

Monthly cards can be used only within the month that they are billed for. Each package has certain amount of prepaids: 1x per week = 4x classes within month; 2x per week = 8 classes; 3x per week = 12 classes; 4x per week = 16 classes.

REFUNDS AND EXTENSIONS OF THE CARDS are possible ONLY WITH THE DOCTOR CERTIFICATE. Card will be extended in same amount of days that is written on the certificate.



Monthly card is cheaper option for people who are interested to

train regularly. Therefore monthly cards are binding for one season and registration has to be made in the beginning of the season (within 30 days from the first day of the season).

We have 3 seasons and to each season the registration has to be made separately by email:

Fall season (4.8-22.12.22)

Spring season (4.1-26.5.22)

Summer season (1.6-31.7.22)

Monthly subscription can be cancelled with the notice period of 2 months. It is possible to cancel the contract with the doctor certificate without the notice period if there occurs an injury that does not allow the student to train and it will be verified with the doctor certificate.

Refund is possible only with the doctor certificate, that needs to be sent by email. Payments will be not refunded due to the travelling or other reasons than health issues verified by the doctor certificate.


Bills will be sent only for monthly subscribers. For drop in cards, courses and workshops student must send the confirmation of payment. It is possible to ask bill for the company accounting.

Reminder fees for billing are: 5 euros for the first reminder and 15 euros for second reminder (+ interest %). Unpaid bills will be sent debt collector if bill remains unpaid for 14 days after second reminder. 



Drop in classes are opened for the students from the age of 15.

Participation in the class is students own responsibility and we suggest our students to have their own insurance (“vapaa-ajan tapaturmavakuutus”).

Classes can be filmed and materials used in social media channels of the studio, teachers and other students. If you prefer not to be on the video please let the teacher or administrator know about that befor entering the class.

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