Registration for kids and adults classes is different.

You can registrate your child to the dance classes by the group of their age. 


All our adult classes are drop in classes - open for everyone (except Fleiva team and Divas). 

For registration to adult weekly classes you would need to buy a card or subscribe the monthly card by e-mail, which gives you a possibility to book the classes in our booking system (



- create account in

- send the registration email to, by adding:


a) billing info for monthly subscription


b) confirmation of payment for drop in card

(drop in ticket, 5 & 10 times cards)

- Every Sunday at 20.00 opens registration for becoming week classes.

You are able to cancel  and release your spot latest 4 hours before the class.

If cancellation is less than 4 hours, the usage of your prepaid will be considered as used. 

*If you are in the waiting list,

email will be automatically sent to you

when you got the spot to the class.

*If you are not able to take the class,

please remove yourself from the waiting list

latest 4 hours before the class. 

NB! It is not possible to buy the drop in ticket or card via varaaheti. It can be purchased by sending email with the confirmation of payment and we will manually add it to your account in




- Registration by email to, adding

*name and age of the student

*name of the group

*billing info (parent name, e-mail, home address and phone number)

NB! Registration is bindig for one season and be cancelled prematurely by presenting the medical certification.