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Registration for our Spring Dance Season is open until December 15, 2023. To join, simply email your registration and billing information to

Don't miss the chance to dance into spring with us!

Welcome to Dancest Studio!

Welcome to Dancest Studio, where the world comes to dance!

Founded in 2012 by the visionary Marta Jorits, Dancest Studio has evolved into a vibrant dance community, welcoming teachers from across the globe, each with their unique backgrounds and passions.

Our dance haven offers a variety of adult classes predominantly conducted in English, making it accessible and inclusive for everyone. For our younger dancers, we provide classes in English, Finnish, Estonian, and Russian, ensuring a multilingual and diverse learning environment that fosters cultural exchange and understanding.

Our studio is here to inspire, challenge, and nurture your love for dance!

Join us at Dancest Studio and let the rhythm of your heart meet the beat of the world. Explore our classes, meet our instructors, and become a part of our vibrant dance family today.


Weekly classes

Weekly dance classes for kids, teens & adults




International teachers

Dance camps

kids camps, reggaeton & heels camps



Rent a hall for practice / kids birthdays / babyshowers


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