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Heels Day and Shoot
14.1.2023! Registration is open N O W!

7 hours of knowledge and mastering of heels style program that brings together all different “essentials” for dancers - training, mastering, learning, performing and shooting - in just one day.


Focus on technical training to maximize your performance

learn about what stretches and muscle activations prepare your body to go full out and push your limits on high heels.


Learn challenging choreography and film it up with special background and professional videographer.

Learn about heels poses and capture them in photostudio with professional photographer.

Experiance of professional photo and videoshoot will also improve your confidence, performing and camera work skills, which is essential for every dancer.

Because you already are a superstar!

Only 10 participants maximumly fits to the schedule of professional filming & shooting in photostudio.

Price: 89€


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